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Mon 28 May 2018
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Monday, 18 June 2012 07:52

 If we examine the legend then. Similar stories can be found in the story. A great friend to each other for a long time between Chiang Rai and Nan.

At South Station, Bus Station, the bell ring to it. The beats. With a voice asked. I joined. Middle-aged man asked me when I was about to be blown Magummagahra two baggage .... The city is also a trishaw or here? I though, because in my old Ayutthaya. He switched to motorcycle taxi almost exhausted.

The trishaw in the market to adapt to the tourists to tour around. Old Town. Instead of getting passengers from the market or just come down from the Bus Station it is the old way of life. Many provinces have been lost. I do not think it will come in soon to visit the old city. Bath and body, so it is very difficult on a tricycle.

The hotel is my airspace. I have an uncle who was a charioteer. It could be central, but the hotel boasts more than 70 years old South. Charioteer I make it a little. The white guys like to go ahead with the tramp. The three wheels make moving a largo Among the cool air in at dawn.

This is a very early Nan. Most people are busy with daily activities. Many people continue to leave home to go to work. Clockwise rotation of the city slowly. I see people rush to take the road from the Bus Station into the city center. After several shots, and the old house was familiar. It reminded me of events. Five, six years ago.

In that year he was the driving section for capture into the South. It does not have GPS. There is only one road map with a compass pointing north, the industrious. We intend to go in the tent at Pha Chu Nan Mon Tue login to see the beauty of the morning mist. The first night beginning at Wiang Sa. (Wiang Sa District, Nan Province, about 30 km away from the bottom) I incidentally met with Bath Festival dams or later I called him a short movie and the average duration of two young companions ago. You can arrange the rest. Free guided tours of the cliff and a lover on the go with ... it is. Spirit of the country.

Trip for the first time I had traveled to the South. The impressive collection of nature. Nan and my city back. The only word I can only leave it.

Tricycle to take me to the streets Sumon Divine Majesty. This road is a road that cuts through the center of Nan. Like the street economy of the province. The car ran very actively. Street banks. Commercial building stock is known. What's more, I would like to find out. It also has a restaurant with delicious food, do not shop that sells pork blood boil more than 30 years, I am sure I am not a choice. The hotel is located in airspace located on this road. It's the opposite. The restaurant that morning. The market moved to the Faculty Memorial. It is just the opposite. This market is a market near the town of Nan. The food was delicious. (For people like me) are not much known on the starvation Hla.

And then they sent me down the page airspace. I get money from me. You just answered my head a little. So I let it fall behind. I continue to think that. I charge you to give it too little or about the economy today.

Hotels airspace. It is an old hotel that offers more than seventy years. But it's still very well preserved. Hotel was built of wood and has three levels, with both air and fans. It has 14 rooms and two balconies with a sitting room, watching her. Nan riding bicycles to the market's very refreshing.
I came to town several times, if not sleeping at the restaurant of Mr. Kan Huan Homburg, then they have to sleep on my airspace. I feel very familiar. It also looks a bit old, but many a classic feel. Sometimes sitting on the veranda, they immediately think of the people in the past. In those days would see the most luxurious hotels in the South. The town has a boss with a cup of coffee. Or tobacco smoke Okmg right. Wood floors are firmly persuaded that precisely this rift in the past and appreciate quality.
Some time during the friendly city in the lower South. I like to stand in the counter with the Forest (You can imagine the Royal Lion) to oversee this historic hotel for many years. I like a fun story about the old. Nan to listen.

The two counters are old pictures that I like very much. The first picture is a picture of the goose family Wally Yuen, founder of the Chinese Hainan Hotels airspace. Boyd County in the smell of a horse. In those days, the geese do not tell Yuan Nan timber concession. Riding to work or travel, it is close.
The picture below is a picture of a Commissioner. Or the boss. Group photo together at the hotel. This made me realize that the structure of the original classic remains almost unchanged.
Belonging to the second floor of the room. Then visit the beautiful city of Nan. Who are still alive. I started dancing with the Royal Bank across the street Sumon. Free-to-eat food cooked pork blood. Prior to travel, to visit the old city.
All guests will have quite a lot in the morning. I have to turn on the mezzanine floor to accommodate more customers. In front of each chef. Cook had been running. Blanching with pressure. Boiled noodles. Some joker lap of the day. The other is hot dumplings. The glass sample to sample. The cover has a picture on one side of the temple of the measure Phumin Nan ... I stuck a picture in his mind that this is good travel links with them.

Hot boiled pork blood and rice is to simply not lazy. Followed by warm water, ice tea, but iced tea or iced tea. 're Ready to travel to be comfortable.

I choose to walk to it. Than the other vehicles. First, because I have no car. The car Motorcycle. Or a bicycle. I have two legs and an old pair of shoes, toddler so. The benefits of walking, we are familiar with the device. You can also save images in some corner. With the story around. Experience the lifestyle of local people more. Finally, to reduce global warming by ... (it was down to global warming. I must have missed that ... right before that year's campaign and we are active enough).

I come from the city several times. I am familiar with the route. That the city will soon be capable of anything. Most tourist attractions in the town to the temple. The architecture is traditional Lanna style. Are located in the heart. The people of the South. Kuang City area. It is home to the National Museum of Antiquities and Treasure at Mon Nan. The story of the city, the longer it sits around them.

I was tired. See all stores to either side of it. Kuang came to town with it. The first thing to do is to enter the temple to worship Phumin. Buddha means plenty of potential focus. Statue of Lord Buddha, the four gates facing the four directions. After facing close to each other. Phumin Temple is an ancient city with a long long time ago. According to legend it is said that Lord Brahma, the son did Nawamin. My Nan was built in 2139 to be deducted up to the temple after it was already 413 years old.
The temple has beautiful mural of the surrounding. The Temple of the Frescoes is different from the others. Generally, where I will draw a picture about Putthachart. The temple Phumin This is a story about the lifestyle of the people of Nan. Some have written literally millions of words of the characters in the picture. In a comic book.
The temple was sitting in a quiet period. Even a short period of time. It can make us feel comfortable and amazingly fresh. Doors open to the four winds blow cold, fresh out. The wind is something no one has ever seen. But the most powerful. Conditions of human life often depends on what you and me.
The magnificent temple to the arts. The exterior of the temple after it was featured at a temple in Thailand Chaturaphak one. (He said it so), it is also outlawed the serpent. The architecture is beautiful and precious, rare even today.

The beauty of such a government in the reign of the eighth to take a picture Phumin Temple. Type it in with a $ 1 bill.

The photography is satisfied, then walk out. I walk through the grounds of the temple Phumin Kuang city. Then across the street. Crossing the street in the city of Nan is not difficult because much less. The Buddhas and the third was found. This measure is that it is a golden pagoda body is located behind the temple.

Wat Chang Kham third. Also known as Wat Chang Kham short. A more ancient temple Phumin. Originally called. Luang Wiang. According to legend, the Chronicle said Nan. Nan. Phu Phaya a patent applied. Is built on Hulsakrach 768, which corresponds to the 1949's to today go beyond the 603 years old (very old like me).
When they came to the temple. I got into the Hall of Buddha which is enshrined the statue of the Sukhothai style art. The oldest one is Sri Sakyamuni Buddha Nanthaburi. The sill, which sports a rock stacking. My Nan is one of 14 built in 1969 to oversee the temple of Sri Sakyamuni Buddha Nanthaburi as well.
Wat Chang Kham architecture by the Sukhothai period. Be seen from the golden stupa behind the temple. By creating a Trglagka. A bell-shaped pagoda statues around the elephant in the abutment pagoda. As Wat Chang Lom. Sukhothai province. I am very gratified to be true to his Nan. The treasure is near.
The temple is sacred territory. Once we have a roast profile that often makes you feel free and comfortable. Ago, I was not the temple often. Today I can feel it in surprise. There are many temples in the ancient city of Nan and beautiful. I have plenty of time to visit.
I walked through the support of the elephant's back. Under the guidance of Mr. Kan Nan companion. Chang said that the back of the first term is the location of the moon. I simply do not feel up to it. It makes me think of old Thai films.
For my son. When I first started it was built in 2446 will be built to thy bridal, at least Nan Shrine (Shrine shows the lyrics), and the fairest goddess Sri. Later, at the Shrine at the Nan has been established as the ruler of Nan who is 64 (the last) to the value of this son's son (blue mist at the South) and the year 2484. moved to the gilded seal. (National Museum of the South) is at least 38 years old at the Shrine at the Nan lives in this service.
Then my son. The newly revamped and completed on April 25, 2485 ever since. For his son to remain intact until the present. The realization that Suriya and Suriya are you applying for this care.
For my son today in a state of disrepair that it does. The improvement must spend quite a lot. And requires a technician who specializes in ancient art. My son is currently in service. The realization that the vast collection of old loans, such as the elephant (the elephant sat on for the boss) Turntable TV, old lamps, refrigerator water filter fabric around the ancient image of the family. And lifestyle of the South in the past, and many others that are rarely seen today.
If you want to visit. Should be requested. Or the realization. Before the phone number 054 710 605 089 970 or 4291 and there is no charge to visit. It will be safe for tourists to spend money to be restored for the life history of this Saa to remain in the heart of the city, told the South.

Another place that I would stay out. And the moon is near the top. Nan National Museum. Here is where the treasures of the city's South. And tells the story of the eastern region over the almost complete. I started out on the town for many, many times it is a must to visit. I want to worship God Suriyaphong ผrit power. The ruler of the South in the year 2436 2461 You are the leader of prosperity to the South in many ways, it has a statue of Buddha standing in front of the museum.

Museum. There is a two-story building. Originally a gilded Suriyaphong ผrit love God.

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